Gear Box Repairs This Year!

We are the Winsmith industrial gearbox repair experts with over 40 years experience in repairing, rebuilding, and reconditioning Winsmith Gearboxes. ERS-Shop is your only choice for Winsmith gearbox repair. We rebuild your Winsmith equipment back to the original OEM specifications at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new equipment. If you have any equipment that you would like to have reconditioned, we offer a free inspection and proposal service. Once the Winsmith Gearbox is inspected for the necessary repairs, we will send a detailed report of our findings along with a proposal listing the scope of repairs to be completed.

Rebuilding process starts with disassembling and cleaning the equipment, checking all bearings and bearing surfaces, miking and checking for all cracked, broken or worn out gears. Once this is completed, we will contact you with a list of repairs. We will determine the cause of failure and provide this information along with our quotation. Any evidence of misalignment, excessive heat or overloading in your machine will be noted. Where most other competitors would prefer to simply sell you a new Gearbox, we have the skill level on 2 shifts and machine capabilities to perform even the most difficult and complex repairs. No Gearbox is scrap or unrepairable to ERS with saving up to 60% from O.E.M.

We Can Repair Your Winsmith Gearbox! Call Now (800) ERS-5765

ERS can service and repair any make and model of industrial gearbox, including all Winsmith branded gearboxes.
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